6 thoughts on “Entangled”

  1. Join the Alliance Against Yellow Food (AAYF). We are planning to make B&W wartime posters and stick them all over the place.Cars do that to you. Take you back to the city of your existence, from one you seek things from.


  2. At the risk of you not liking this comment, I got to write this:YOU chose to go to pursue something away from home, and till the time you can buy or charter a personal aeroplane, you can’t be with your family on Sundays and have lunch with them. Brooding over it won’t help you an iota.I may come across as too practical, but you see, I don’t like me or my friends being sick. Especially homesick.


  3. Give yourself some time to get used to everything. It hasn’t been that long to not miss the homemade food and other things. Just don’t keep thinking about it till then. This will only make it tougher for you to let it go. Really.I choose to not talk about other things, but I’d just like to say that you should stop hoping for them to come along whenever you want them.Treat yourself to a nice drink and tell yourself these two years should be memorable for you for more than one reason.


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