Random Play

8 thoughts on “Random Play”

  1. How about websites like cooltunnel.com and kproxy.com. They bypass most proxy servers. Try them. There’s another one, but I can’t recall it’s url right now. Will let you know if I do.


  2. Pity you didn’t have your camera at that time.Otherwise,we could have seen the sunset too… Hope you do get some sleep. I’ll send some of my sleep to you because for me, the situation is just going to be the opposite. I’ll need to study late at night for a few days. That time has come now.:-)When is your birthday?


  3. Swetankkproxy is also blocked. And the other one you mentioned is not loading.ButterflyYea, next time I’ll click for sure. Thanks so much, sweety. I appreciate it. :)My birthday is on the 3rd of September. Not that close either. 😛


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