9 thoughts on “Chill(y)”

  1. Quite an eventful weekend :)Somehow outings like these really help you…great to break the monotony!By the way is this the momo’s market you are talking about?


  2. Wow man!! The description of the food joint(s) was almost as ‘visual’ as some of your photographic works. I can just smell the aroma of the food, and can see people running around, carrying dishes of food. BTW, don’t worry too much about the math.. it can be fixed… without much difficulty…


  3. Isn’t this the Yashwant Place market? They have some excellent food available there. I know exactly what you mean by the romance of Delhi roads on winter nights. Wish December would be here ASAP.


  4. B.Oh yes! :)Yeah, I think it’s commonly known as that.WandererHehe…Without much difficulty? Yeah, now that we have screen sharing! Bloody.:PWoodsmokeYeah, wohi wohi! Good food na? :DAa raha hai December…it’s right here! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. OK.. So a fellow winter lover…. You have GOT TO walk in north campus at night in december…. It’s beautiful!! Serene…foggy…chilly…awesome… The one time you can walk around shivering…smiling to yourself for no reson whatsoever!


  6. Sounds brilliant. I’ve heard excellent stuff about that place. I really must go there someday and gorge. And winter nights in delhi are absolutely beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚


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