9 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Hard work ALWAYS pays… remember that Aarbee..and don’t worry, you surely will find your way… :)P.S. Can you pass on this wonderdrug or whatever that negates the effects of all hellish thoughts to me also? Please? Might just be useful with examination season coming up….


  2. Cool!This is one of the best posts I’ve read on your blog. I’m so happy for you. Just remain like this and we’ll all queue up to the successful Richa asking us to help us out. :-)Really positive. Makes me want to work harder too. Guess I’ll go do just that.Oh and Happy Diwali (a little earlier, in case I forget to wish you on that day – these days it’s a little difficult to tell time).


  3. WandererHoping. :-)I have the patents/copyrights…everything for the wonderdrug. It’s MINE. So go away! :PBaaki kuch bhi maang lo. 🙂SwetankSo sweet of you to take out time and leave this comment, Swetank. I’m really touched. :-)And yes, HAPPY DIWALI!! 🙂WoodsmokeAbhi nahi. Abhi woh exclusive testing phase mein hai. 😀B.🙂 Thanks…


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