Potty Takes Priority

I’ll make this quick, have two most scary papers tomorrow. Very important part of life.Especially when you are on antibiotics.Especially when the stomach automatically finds out that you are tensed.Especially when the general state of being of the stomach is anyway effed up.Also when you eat wrong stuff because the last thing you want to … Continue reading Potty Takes Priority

O Bijuria!!

God bless the creators of good music on this earth. Seriously. __ I have found my talent. My art. It is fucking up exams for subjects that I love to the core. And making sure that I never ever score well in those. In school it was biology. I cried every time I got my … Continue reading O Bijuria!!

The Grind

I can now differentiate between me and the self. Helps give a better perspective. And heightens the sense of responsibility too. For now, I am hating WTO for their mere existence, hoping that I really do remember enough economics to write an exam without devoting much time to the subject, and praying that I don’t … Continue reading The Grind