Flowers, phone calls, SMSs, I’m receiving them all. It really is a big day tomorrow, I guess. I’m trying to not think about it now, and am succeeding only partially. ‘Fuck scared’ and more, it is quite a roller coaster. But I think it was one last year too. And like I was just discussing … Continue reading CAT II


Aarbee’s never tried so hard to study. 12th standard boards, 2nd year exams, and now this! Times when I have really felt that I have put in a lot of hard work. I’ve studied as much as I could. There still probably remain a few things and I am trying to take care of those … Continue reading Perspective

Bheja Fry

A day that started on a hyper note – sleeping at 0130, waking up at 0500 and then setting and resetting alarms every 10 minutes till 0700 to catch just a little more sleep.So, with just a little sleep I could hear some buzzing in my head just before the exam. Not a good sign, … Continue reading Bheja Fry