Bheja Fry

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  1. Google Reader update at work :)Forget Systems. Outta your mind. “Out, damned Systems! Out, I say!”Oh is it that good a movie? Wow, cool. I wanna watch it now. Haven’t even seen Khosla Ka Ghosla and I’m told that is a great movie. Tomo, maybe.And yes, I like Vinay Pathak. Caught an interview of his a coupla days back, and he’s quite funny 🙂 Was mentioning how, once he did the role of some US-returned hero ka bhai, he just kept on getting the same roles… just the country he was returning from was changed sometimes. And he was kidding that directors used to tell him, “different role hai, isme aap UK se vapas aaye hain” 🙂


  2. HT’s Khalid Mohamed gave it 1 out of 5, imagine. But I think he was personally biased against the movie because of the stereotypically prejudiced (his words) way in which some Muslim character was portrayed. But apart from him, have been hearing nice reviews about the movie. It’s sad when movie critics slam a movie just cuz they find some one thing personally offensive. Though dunno, can’t say if he overreacted unless I see it for myself.


  3. AmiyaYeah, it gotta go out. Out it is!It is definitely a good movie. And you haven’t seen Khosla? Why dya keep missing out on all these good movies??And lmao@ the UK thingi. It’s sad though. The man’s too good ya.And that’s what Khalid Mohammed said? He gave it a 1? I can’t believe it. I read some review in which it was criticised for its editing and stuff but that’s different and is ok. This is ridiculous. I did not even notice anything and can neither recall. Maybe there was something offensive which he noticed because of obvious reasons but then it could certainly not be reason enough to write a movie off. Sad!Aur ja ke dono movies dekh tu!


  4. Ah yes, a royal paper indeed. I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one who screwed it up. Although, only the results will tell who actually screwed up. Hmm… :(I’ve been dying to see Bheja Fry! Vinay Pathak is awesome. Simply loved him in Khosla ka Ghosla and can’t wait to catch more of him in this one.@ Amiya: Khalid Mohammed should have a look at his own movies first and then think of commenting on others’ work. Seriously, the kind of crap he comes up with, where terrorists are shown to be victims of circumstances, where actors like Shabana Azmi, KK and Tabu are wasted on badly conceptualised characters and where he thinks he can actually make people like Riya Sen, Arjun Rampal and Ashmit Patel act. Critic, my ass! Bah!@ Rohit: Nikhat Kazmi? Seriously? Well, she’s smart is all I can say. She gives the kind of rating that people would want her to give to all sorts of shit that comes out of the K Jo and Y Cho camps, but her reviews tell a totally different story. So, in the end, she basically leaves you confused. Well, maybe not the intellectually challenged ones whose weekly dose of keeping updated on current affairs involves checking out the ‘stars’ given to each new movie by the so-called critics.I personally like Zia-ul-Haq of The Hindu. No stars, no non-sense, just a plain old non-biased film review. Of course, you can only appreciate his views once you get used to his overly flowery style of writing.


  5. RohitYeah, he’s good but I personally like Vinay Pathak more.And FIND the time. It’s anyway a short movie. Hardly 90 minutes.JayantYeah, results will tell.But don’t die. Go watch it. You liked him in Khosla? Khosla mein to sirf aato hi bolta hai. I really can’t get over this movie yaar. Tharki!!! (Sorry, it’s just one of the several hilarious things from the movie) 😀


  6. i hope u r much better now after the fall…….take care lady :)havent seen the movie yet, wud love to see it but no time…..last weekend when i had time, i saw the play – city of djinns and it was good….maybe i will watch it on vcd cuz next week spidey gonna be in town :)@rohiti remember nikhat kazmi giving 4* to “Hello Brother” ….


  7. DKHaan, the bruise is healing. Thanks. :DOh I’ve heard a lot about City of Djinns. Niiice! :)And Hello Brother? Hahaaa…Perceptive GirlYeah, you should. It’s superb.And thanks. 🙂


  8. I loved the movie too!!! And the best part was that its a situational comedy…and as you rightly said you dont need to leave your brains at home 🙂


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