Khurafati Nitin

12 thoughts on “Khurafati Nitin”

  1. I just can’t remember RJs and shows on fm. Keep flipping through channels, that’s all I do. But I remember you telling me pehle bhi about this guy. Cool, happy b’day to him if he’s so good :-)And why doesn’t my BlogRoller show me when any blog on the list gets updated?? You made this post this morning but it doesn’t show next to your blog link. Pff.


  2. What change did you make that caused this to be marked as an unread entry in my Google Reader?Yeah, I’ve got GR now, after Jay told me yest what you told him about it. And it’s pretty cool so far. Quite creepy though, the way you can keep track of everything!


  3. The ONLY time I fell in love with an RJ was Dr Feelgood on Rainbow. He had the BEST sense of humour, played the most awesome rock on air and knew everything about every band. And for over three months he has been with Hit 95 giving away iPods and playing (f) hip-hop and ah well, Bollywood stuff.Things people do for money. (Lots of it, that is.)


  4. hmm will try to catch him on air one of these days.and yes, one more to go!!! :-D@rohit – jeez i used to LOVE Dr feelgood. used to come on tuesdays, if i’m not mistaken. he’s that sarthak fellow on hit 95 is it? quite sad really….


  5. AmiyaHappy birthday to him only if he is good? :DSince you know the BlogRoll story and have already switched to GR, your first question is answered.I didn’t make any changes after you left your first comment. GR seems to take a little time to read new posts so it showed you the update after you’d already seen the post.But I agree, kinda creepy.RohitHmm, can imagine! Must have been a lot of money.DKYep, 93.5. Nice naaa?? 😀TaniaJust one? :(We have 3 more and today’s sucked so so SO bad! :|And yeah, do try to catch him sometime.


  6. I LOVE SARTHAK!!! & I LOVE HIT 95 FM…. atleast he talks sense…. & most of the time they play EXCELLENT music….


  7. I am totally in luv wid dis rj named vipul in agra i keep imagining ’bout him. He has dedicated his show 2 me twice. I hope sumthing cud happen b/w us. I realllllllly loooooooooooooove him.


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