Double Random Yay!

10 thoughts on “Double Random Yay!”

  1. Me first!First of all, the template. I LOVE IT. Just sent you a msg, didn’t I, saying “oh my god, such a lovely green… and now I wanna steal this too, as usual, cuz I want my blog to look a pretty green too”. Damn. Every time.And yes, so apt of The Chronicler, isn’t it, to have chronicled the Facebook knighting ceremony 🙂 Yes, it sounds GRAND! Esp. in capitals – The Chronicler, not The chronicler or the chronicler. Ah, the various wonderful effects of capitalization.


  2. AmiyaI’m still yay-ing!And yeah yeah….GRAND! hihi…Various wonderful effects of capitalization – I’m getting to appreciate them gradually. :-)Yes, yay for the 2nd comment too. 😀JayantUmmm…well, wait for a few days/weeks/months. Not sure how long this one will last either. But a change shall follow. That’s what Fuchsia is for. 🙂DKHmmm. Had tried the lines earlier but they were standing out. And Facebook is a site like Orkut, a little fewer shady people, a little more personal. In that there are groups just the way Orkut has communities. So the creator of a group can give posts to some members who are called officers (don’t know what they have to do!). So she made me an officer and named me The Chronicler. 🙂RohitPoint noted. Shall execute the change.And err…thanksh (came up with a reply for this one yet?). 😀


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