Mixed Emotions

14 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions”

  1. Hit upon your blog while surfing, bechara Abhishek… anyways hope you get your yummy cute guy… liked your blog cause the freshness and the honestly you bring in it.


  2. I just heard somewhr tht thrs may not work in logn term. DONT KNOW. jus heard somewhr.. and yea, right, i just cant believe he married someone like aishwarya! i mean, .. i hav no opinions on thile whole thinG! anyways, his life his choice. and yea, we all hug u. its ok. 🙂


  3. rightly said D bhai!!…time to find another one… ;)maybe u alreadyhave found one for the ‘time being’ atleast….but so find a permanent one soon 😀


  4. Perceptive GirlYeah, we’d never know. Only time will tell.Thanks for the hug although it was him I was expecting to get one from. 😛DKOh yes! I’ve started looking for one. That’s why I asked for suggestion in the previous relevant post. Koi hai nazar mein to batao… 😀AkashHahahaaaa…Looks like someone knows some inside secret. :PBut yeah, need to find a permanent one. You’re looking for hot bikers for me, aren’t you? 😀


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