Mixed Emotions

14 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions”

  1. I just heard somewhr tht thrs may not work in logn term. DONT KNOW. jus heard somewhr.. and yea, right, i just cant believe he married someone like aishwarya! i mean, .. i hav no opinions on thile whole thinG! anyways, his life his choice. and yea, we all hug u. its ok. 🙂


  2. rightly said D bhai!!…time to find another one… ;)maybe u alreadyhave found one for the ‘time being’ atleast….but so find a permanent one soon 😀


  3. Perceptive GirlYeah, we’d never know. Only time will tell.Thanks for the hug although it was him I was expecting to get one from. 😛DKOh yes! I’ve started looking for one. That’s why I asked for suggestion in the previous relevant post. Koi hai nazar mein to batao… 😀AkashHahahaaaa…Looks like someone knows some inside secret. :PBut yeah, need to find a permanent one. You’re looking for hot bikers for me, aren’t you? 😀


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