October Wedding

26 thoughts on “October Wedding”

  1. aila!! so many wishes… i m taking apool of all the wishes and then keeping them in the safe for future use…thanks to all of you…i m still smiling :DRicha!! thanks!! 🙂 **hugz**


  2. AkashYeah baby…that’s you!!And since I’m not allowed to say ‘no thanks shanks’, i’ll say it’s all my pleasure!! 😀DK:DArre bilkul! Maine Akash ko personally request ki hai is performance ke liye. And he’s agreed too. 😛AmiyaHe’s smiling. 🙂JayantI met Akash at an Orkut Delhi Meet last year. And then Michelle of course – through him. 🙂MayuriMe too! 🙂Chitrangada:-)(I’m distributing free smiles. Got truckloads of them today)Akash againI’m definitely giving you huggies. Lots of them! 😀


  3. AkashI got that when you wrote it in the email too. I still insist. 😛AshishCertainly. 🙂WoodsmokeHaan please aa jaaao. You still have a few month to plan. And get him to dance, I promise I’ll make a video and send it to you. 😀


  4. Awww… tht was so cute. and sweet. and lovely. and yes, all the good adjectives u can insert thr. God bless them. 🙂


  5. Hey Richa!! Good job Gal described the 2 really well…Aki and Michelle CONGRATULATIONS!!!ALL THE BEST CheersAnku


  6. CoolantzCho chweeeeeet! hehe… 😀AnkuOye…you too! 😀AkashSee, everybody agrees that I’ve done a good job describing you two here. And you agree as well. So how about ice-creams equal to the number of wishes – from you to me?? 😛


  7. @AkashI stumped upon this page while browsing through ur profile and was bowled over after readig this…Wish both of you loads of happinesss pal@RichaAdded 2 more ice-creams to your pool


  8. Hey Akash,Sincere apologies for the delay in posting this note – I realised of late, that I cannot use the excuse that I am in Canada (Fact – this country is one with the highest Internet user base in the world!)Neways, I wanted to wish you both, best wishes and ultimate marriage bliss (assuming that exists!).Congratulations and keep me posted!Vivek


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