Browsing Through Tabs

Having lots of tabs open on your browser can never be bad. Whether it is in an attempt to figure something like which ITR form to fill for your tax returns, or for travel, it’s all for your own good. I, of course, am going to elucidate on the travel-related tabbed browsing. If you are … Continue reading Browsing Through Tabs


Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between real and surreal. There is a conflict between what you want to believe and what you should believe. Dr. V.V.R. Sastry taught us marketing in semester I and II. In the third semester he is taking brand management classes. Unfortunately, it is not the entire 30 hours of … Continue reading GO(o)Dness!


After really really reeaaallly long am I having such an urge to write. And on one of the oldest themes on my blog – eye candy!! 😀 John Stamos this time!! Full House’s last re-run got over waaaay back, and anyway, I first watched the series when I was in school. Drooled over him like … Continue reading Hottie!!

:D :D :D

Ok, I am majorly itching to write this post in all caps, but I really want you to read it so I won’t do that. I am on top of the world. And that is because I have a supercool boyfriend (yes, I took his permission to write like a 15-year-old). Do you know what … Continue reading 😀 😀 😀


And I talk again! Again an attempt to capture some nice moments in my little store of words. After having stuck to the bed for over 5 days, I went to work still half-dead today. Thankfully, it was a conference-to-attend-and-no-work-to-do day. I was moving around lifelessly till 5 in the evening, which is when I … Continue reading Rockers!