While last weekend I had made my room free of every speck of dust, cleared my table of every possible thing that could have landed on it and dug behind all buttons and switches, this time I opened one of my cupboards for a similar spree. And it’s a win-win situation for me. Not only … Continue reading Beaded


This is of days dedicated to sleep, laziness, juices, socializing, Orkutting, and a little bit of craft-work! 😛 Oh yes, standing in front of the mirror to admire my new hairstyle too! Heee…Seriously, if you’re in South Delhi, you must check out Harry and Shanti’s at South Ex. The man who did my hair is … Continue reading Update

October Wedding

There was once a very charming PJ king and a very cute girl he knew. He studied science and she studied economics. He rode bikes and she got tattoos and piercings. He loves her and she loves him. They are getting married and I am weirdly, insanely happy for them. To Akash and Michelle! Loads … Continue reading October Wedding