5 thoughts on “Update”

  1. ME FIRST! What exactly do u mean by D-Day? New job or something? Whatever it is, Best of Luck!! As for hairstyle, I haven’t cut my hair since last October. I actually like long hair. My hair’s quite long too. But, the problem is that it has become very thin owing to dandruff.:-( And, it’s very hot even here. Here, it is also very humid.


  2. Oh what gorgeous weather it is!Looooovely. Brilliant! AWESOME!!I feel like going out and dancing in the rain.So why don’t I?Good question. Well, moms are such killjoys, sigh.Okay, coming to your post now.I was wondering why no post about new hairstyle! And why no new post at all, for that matter. Guess you’ve been too busy being lazy to update.I think I’d rather exchange your kinda scared-excited feelings for my… what, confused no-clue static (yeah, STATIC’s the word, finally got something close enough) ones. At least you have something sure to look forward to, and I’m sure it’s going to be great. And I’m not saying it just for the heck of it, I sure. From the talk we had about it that day, and from a general feeling about the kinda place it seems to be and the kinda life it’ll give you. A NEW one, isn’t that exciting. More exciting than scary, for sure. Or maybe it’s just that ‘other people’ always find changs easier & more exciting than they actually are for the person in the middle of everything :)Still. It’s new people to meet, to get to know better, to like and to bitch about :)Sounds GOOD, I think!Oh man, we never did go to Dilli Haat and college’s over now… okay, lemme not start on that now.Bengali sweets ka Indian chowmein (if it is what I have in mind) better than Berco’s?! Hmm Berco’s must’ve been real bad the day you guys went there, even T cribbed about it today.And you always end up with the best losing-it-while-dancing stories! :)PS: Loooong one, again.


  3. SininiYay! You first! :-)Yes, D-Day means new job. Thanks for the wishes. :)I hadn’t cut my hair since last September but they were still short. I’ve never been able to grow them too long. But you take care of the dandruff, long hair look very pretty.Hot and humid? Oh, that’s bad. It just rained here a while ago but it’s not humid. July and August get hot and humid in Delhi. The weather sucks more that time. AmiyaHeheee…I got to get wet ‘coz I went till the entrance of my block to cover Mom with an umbrella (she was coming back from work). FUNN! But ‘killjoys’! Lmao!Yeah, new people and everything is all exciting but scary phir bhi hai. But I know it’s temporary, will be cool soon enough. I just hope the place lives up to its reputation. Yes, college’s over and Dilli Haat never happened. Why don’t you guys come over after the 24th. Oh but you’re going, right? But please, let’s try to if we can. Some day in the evening. Before all of us get down to work and before these guys leave Delhi. Bolo?You know, it wasn’t “Bengali Sweets ka Indian chowmein” type food. I’m not kidding. It was proper Chinese! Ask Saumya, she’ll tell you! Even the manchurian was good. But yeah, Berco’s was just SAD that day! Situation kuch waisi hi ho gayi jaise Saumya told us how one of her friends had a sundae at Nirula’s and said that Traffic Jam was better. :DAnd yeah, I think I almost always lose it while dancing. Nothing new then, I guess. :PPS: Even longer one! 🙂


  4. all the best for the new job! and oooo new hairdo! i’m dying to get a haircut too, but i’m trying my hardest to hold out till july, for my uncle’s wedding. *sob*and hehehe, hitting on a married guy!!!! no shame, aajkal ki ladkiyaan, i tell you. :-p


  5. TaniaHey thanks!Oh, for a moment I thought you’re saying July ‘coz college will reopen then. But…ok! :DI wasn’t hitting on him! Don’t distort the facts. I was just quietly checking him out. 😛


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