The 12th State

My latest addition to the very slowly moving list of states that I’ve stepped foot in is Rajasthan. I know it is almost shocking that having lived in Delhi for the longest time I could never venture a couple of hundred kilometres into the west. But whadyaknow! It just happens sometimes. Finally it was Ridhima’s … Continue reading The 12th State

Daily Diary

One radio station or the other plays the masakkali song every morning at 8:40. I remember how they used to play come to me by Abhishek Bachchan every morning at a fixed time too. But it’s funny how masakkali tells me how late I am running. Sometimes I am at East of Kailash when it … Continue reading Daily Diary


This is of days dedicated to sleep, laziness, juices, socializing, Orkutting, and a little bit of craft-work! 😛 Oh yes, standing in front of the mirror to admire my new hairstyle too! Heee…Seriously, if you’re in South Delhi, you must check out Harry and Shanti’s at South Ex. The man who did my hair is … Continue reading Update