Daily Diary

3 thoughts on “Daily Diary”

  1. Shopping wopping.. kya baat hai! Any good new place to eat in Delhi?Talking about Radio, suddenly remember your active involvements with Radio. How is your friend from Meow? And where is Ulta Pulta Nitin?


  2. Subhadip,Hehe.. yess… shopping wopping full on! :DNew place to eat? I went to Mosaic in CP. Fancy food. Mere aas pass sab ko achha laga – veggies and non veggies. But mujhe fancy food digest nahi hota. So, didn’t like it much. Yess… radio too! Have not met the Meow friend since November last. Nitin’s good… still on 93.5. :DPrashant,I know! Him and one other guy in office are the only two people who are nice to me. Baki… well, I’m just thankful that these two exist. Can’t imagine what things would have been like if they weren’t around.


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