Daily Diary

One radio station or the other plays the masakkali song every morning at 8:40. I remember how they used to play come to me by Abhishek Bachchan every morning at a fixed time too. But it’s funny how masakkali tells me how late I am running. Sometimes I am at East of Kailash when it … Continue reading Daily Diary

Just not liking it!

I finally attained enlightenment on that superbly irritating IBIBO – don’t be a balti campaign thanks to a friend. It is supposed to be competing with Photobucket.com ! My god! I am a user of photobucket, and still it never struck me. I wonder if ANYbody got it. I also watched the second half of … Continue reading Just not liking it!


I knew that it was just a matter of time, but some people tried to tell me that it would never happen again. But I just knew it. The airwaves are alive again!! Of course, because Nitin is back!! Yayiiiiii!! Radio just can’t afford to lose him, no matter what! I’m all happy again. 😀 Continue reading Muhahaaaa

"Radio Gaga"

What could make for a better start to the weekend than to step into a restaurant and find Nitin sitting on the first table. Sudden excitement was hard to control. I bugged the other ten people at my table about how I’m a HUGE fan of his, but just couldn’t get the courage to go … Continue reading "Radio Gaga"