"Radio Gaga"

11 thoughts on “"Radio Gaga"”

  1. pathetic today group people……i commented on that post……hey nitin is quite good….but he has quite a weird song selection……anyway hope u had a good time 🙂


  2. and the way radio today people have left comment on ur blog defines them and their boss pretty well and leaves a bad taste (as they say people react this strongly and cheaply only when u press a pain area) ……This itself shows that they are not gonna last long……so relax….dont worry i am sure we will have a last laugh 🙂


  3. DUDE!!! I had a GREAT time reading those things.. left a comment. @ Nitin bitWhen did he leave a comment on your blog?! Er.. anyway, good for you! He is perhaps one of the FEW on Indian radio today who know their job. (There’s Sachin on Red and Dr Feelgood on Rainbow who is now busy giving away iPods on Hit.)


  4. Arre wah!!! This is so unbelievable kinds!!! Really! Whoa, can imagine how ecstatic you must’ve been… and what’s this about Nitin leaving a comment on your blog?!! You never told me… more surprisingly, you didn’t MAKE A POST about that comment! 😛 And you’re interacting with the COO of Meow Meow?!! Girrrrrl, you’re going places in radio-dom!And Radio Gaga is SO the apt-est title for this post. Wow, nice, girl, wish you many more such surprises 🙂


  5. Just checked out that Meow post of yours where people have been spamming… really sad, those people. They don’t have a life or what. Nor any idea of grammar. Nor anything nearing an 80 IQ either, judging from the content of some of the comments you have received. Wow, a radio station has to be REALLY sucky, desperate and insecure to actually beg people/employees/groupies to spam an individual’s personal blog. All the more a reason to NOT tune into Meow FM.And Anil, for all the fact that he seems to be the only one articulate & sane enough (speaking comparatively, of course, wrt the other spammers), comes across as a really pathetic, intolerant person. As a consumer you have every right to dislike a product and talk to friends about it. But a COO has to be really out-of-job/desperate to come hankering after each & every dissenter, and argue with them over the product.Work speaks louder than words. Work on improving your channel and maybe you’ll get more listeners that way. Now how do I tell Anil that?


  6. Lovely post. I am so glad you got to meet Nitin. But hey, no photos of this exchange? Secondly, I want to read the post where Nitin left a comment…that must have been such a super-memorable day for you.And read all the theatrics and dramas surrounding Meow. Your answers are smart and well-thought out, as are of the “lambs in your circle”. :DI liked Anil’s grounds for discussion too. He wants you to give Meow a fair chance and I don’t find fault with his arguments. But cannot say the same about the “lambs”, no sorry, embryos in his circle. If he didn’t spread the word around, they wouldn’t have come in the first place. This spamming was in such poor taste. And Anil has therefore lost credibility in my eyes, someone who needs to take help from such minions is obviously not secure enough. The most memorable of those comments were the ones that made personal attacks (like on your and Butterfly’s names…I am tempted to hunt that person down, NO ONE speaks to my friend or my sister in that tone), the one who thought writing with CAPS LOCK was the way to prove a point, the one who accused Jay of not getting gold medal from Oxford University, and all those who thot sms englsh wz d way 2 go.


  7. B.:DTotally!!DKSaw your comments, and unlike what Anil says…they make a lot of sense to me. :)And yeah, let’s see how far their ‘being different’ takes them. But certainly not too far without the finetuning.As far as I know, all these stations (maybe except MEOW and of course, Rainbow) have a fixed playlist and RJs don’t have a say. Not completely sure about this but I just wanna defend Nitin here for now. 😀RohitSaw your comment there. Thanks. :)And yeah, REAL sarcastic…but you guys made it a little easier for me too. Yes, Nitin left a comment on that post. It is hyperlinked from his name in this post in case you want to see it.Oh, one of my friends has met Sarthak and he told her that he too pretty much hates the music at 95 but he has no say in it, he’s given a playlist for every show. And yeah, Sachin’s good too.AmiyaHehehe….Yeah baby, I’m going places for sure!! 😀 😀 And yes, very surprsingly I did not write a post about the comment. 😛 Go check it out now na.Really appreciate your comments on that post, and pretty much waiting for your post on it. 🙂WoodsmokeThaaank you!! Meeting him was such an incredible experience. I’m sure if you were here you would have been the first person I’d sms or call about the whole thing. Still remember our discussions about him. :)No pictures, but that post is hyperlinked from his name in this post. Enjoy! :DAbsolutely loved your comment on that post. I am honoured to have received it. And I completely agree with what you say. I really wanted to pull that ‘all caps’ person out of the computer screen and slap him/her. Uff!The Oxford Uni one was hilarious! But honestly, I’ve myself not read all of those comments ‘coz I see no point in doing that. Let’s just hope something nice comes out of it. TaniaHehehe… :)Crazy’s the right word! :))The link to that post is in this post itself. Find the first mention of Nitin’s name and you’ll find the link too.How’s college without us?


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