18 thoughts on “WWW”

  1. Love the car collage (naturally, with all the pretty women). Wonder which camera was used!@RTAll these beautiful women and all you found cool was the sky? Muchos Problemo!


  2. RohitYep, finally! Hmm…the sky does look cool. 🙂SubhadipHmmmm…since when did you become sarcastic?! You know which camera was used!! I’m still trying to figure it out, did manage to charge the battery though.Your sms brought such a wide smile to my face. Also told all the other women from the car about it. Appreciation galore. :))DKThe camera was taken intentionally but not the post. A few changes to the plan on a trial basis, moving closer to work, I think.WoodsmokeThank you!That picture was a MUST in this collection of mine because as you can imagine, four people cannot always agree on one kind of music to listen to. So we keep switching songs half the time. So.Smiling! 🙂AmiyaThanku!! :DIntro? The one in a white tee is Molly. She’s the one whose car we take advantage of.The one in black and white print is Lynn. Super sad jokes, and a sad attempt at Hindi gaalis are her USP.The one in black and white stripes is Avantika. She’s our entertainment/drama queen. In fact, the whole office’s! I laugh at all her sad jokes and that’s why we get along well. :)And you know me, of course.Cool? 🙂RohitErr..white bag?


  3. @ SayanDi and AmiyaHa! Colour blind log ka kya karein ab… hamara kya jaata hai. We see only what smart-arse people can. :P*smirks*@ AarbeeTo think that you travel with these people every day… er, you should know the bag. But.. tch, tch.


  4. WoodsmokeBy God!! Ab in hi se puchhte hain! RohitYes, to think that I travel with them everyday, and also to think that I bought the bag that you think is white, I know that it is beige. 🙂Jayant:-)No, haven’t run, and haven’t run barefeet. :)But this picture is actually of the lobby of the building. My office is only one floor and it is mostly carpeted. Sexy, yes! Looks incredible after dark. :DThe third W is for Worldwide.AmiyaIt’s more beige than white. There isn’t even any black. :PAnd thanku. 🙂


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