Yeah, I’m Free!

9 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m Free!”

  1. MF :)freedom indeed………very nice pics and good to see u experimenting 🙂 i dont like people who work so late…..its a sign of inefficiency and bad planning….period………god help ur pm 🙂 happy independence day to u too 🙂


  2. You told me about the project manager, he does seem incredibly nice!The bangles look great.And the enthu dancer + ‘not so pretty’ lady make for a good pic :)Happy independence day to you too!


  3. Yup..Happy Independence Day! I had jalebis on Independence Day too.:-) The best photo was that of the smiling guy with the not-so-pretty lady. Btw,the previous picture of urself on this blog was better.


  4. DKYF! :)Thank you very much…good to receive appreciation from you. Well, current state of my office is only due to a very serious resource crunch. People are not left with options. My PM is too sweet. Silver MistThank you thank you!!! Very happy. 🙂AmiyaThanks yaa…I know that the bangles pic is from a wrong angle. Realised it much later. Sorry. :/SubhadipThanks.RohitThanks, me too. TaniaThanks!!! 🙂SinjiniOh great! I didn’t have any jalebis…I just clicked those guys. Maybe I should have.Thanks for liking the picture. And well, as far as my picture is concerned…umm…maybe I’ll change this in some time too. Ok? 🙂


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