I knew that it was just a matter of time, but some people tried to tell me that it would never happen again. But I just knew it. The airwaves are alive again!! Of course, because Nitin is back!! Yayiiiiii!! Radio just can’t afford to lose him, no matter what! I’m all happy again. 😀 Continue reading Muhahaaaa

"Radio Gaga"

What could make for a better start to the weekend than to step into a restaurant and find Nitin sitting on the first table. Sudden excitement was hard to control. I bugged the other ten people at my table about how I’m a HUGE fan of his, but just couldn’t get the courage to go … Continue reading "Radio Gaga"

Khurafati Nitin

There is only one important birthday that I forget every year and that is of my dearie, favourite Nitin!And what a day this is! A royal exam to write tomorrow, beeping me every moment, here I am waking up early to study and therefore, also managing to tune in to his show. It’s Nitin’s HAPPY … Continue reading Khurafati Nitin