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  1. Oh I’m still the first! Hah, cool.Why does the scar story remind me of those pups who chase their own tails? :)Yes, I know about the lizard… ughhh!Himesh and metal, uhh how could you put the two in the same bracket?No surprises there!Really, you can be messy? Like, tolerate the micro-specks of invisible dust, can you? Wow.And I think ‘the last person to cry’ means the person who made you cry most recently.One of the most useless scientific discoveries!Really?! Why? I love them.Jalapenos AND olives.Mmmmmmmmmmm!!Nice tag, enjoyed reading it. Guess I’ll take it up too.


  2. Yay! I’m tagging myself. Right now, so that I can sit down with PF after that. :PAnd Jalapenos and black olives! ‘Yummmm’ is the most appropriate expression! 😀


  3. AmiyaYou were just meant to be the first one on this post. :-)Ummm…now that you’ve mentioned that, I kinda feel that it was like a pup chasing its tail. Funny. :DHimesh and metal, well, no offence – just that I can’t listen to either of them. But yeah, metal does not make me want to pull my hair apart the way HR does. :-/:PYes yes, I can tolerate those micro specks. Cool na? :DOhk, let’s not blame people. No point in that. It’s a useless discovery because the pain killer just makes you go numb for a while. It does not cure or heal. So what’s the point of temporary relief?Yummmmmmm…. Yeah take it up. Jayant ne to kar bhi liya. Get inspired. DKYay!:DRohitKeep enjoying those thoughts. 🙂JayantI know you’ve done the tag successfully but how much success in PF so far? 😀AyushThanks! 🙂


  4. I don’t have any scars! :(Is the lizard the same as the one you took pictures of? :PYou don’t like Metal?? :0You cannot be be messy! I refuse to believe that. No siree!Painkillers are good. The very fact that they make you numb, makes them good :PJalapenos and Olives?? Ugh!!Jalapenoes are just waaaaaaaay too spicy!Nice post! Have been tagged by Jay, so will do it soon! 😀


  5. dunno y…but i can easily imagine u on a cycl going round n round!!!!!weirdly, our music choices are absolutely identical!!!!n my 3 seater hostel room has been converted into a 5 seater…. with a lizard n mouse joining in….they werent provided with beds though. they just share ours… yuck!n have never tried jalapenos n olives…so…no comments!!


  6. KanuSo what did you finally order?WoodsmokeYay!! Chhuti time! Saw your post, loved it. 🙂IshaniYou don’t have any scars? What are you made of?? Ah, you have such awesome skin! My skin is idiotic enough to make scars out of shoe-bites too. I have scars all over!Yes, it’s the same lizard. :-/Nope, no metal. Trust me, I can be messy. I really can. Might not be able to beat Amiya (basis the Manali stories) but still, messy! :DAnd that’s why jalapenos are awweeessommeee!!!!Yeah yeah, do it soon. I’m waiting. ShreyaLong time, where have you been? No new posts either.It’s easy for you to imagine me like that? Why? I’ve always acted proper in front of you at least. Yay for our taste in music! We seem to have similar choices in a lot of things, isn’t it?They shared your bed? You’re kidding,right? :OYou’ve never tried jalapenos and olives? What does your Ecosoc make you eat then? :PNext time, you must try them! They’re just delicious.


  7. jalapenos n olives…mmmmmmmm……feel like having a sub RIGHT NOW.and fine, no metal, but no rock either? and yes, gotta agree, can’t stand hip hop.and from what i’ve gathered from the other comments, the liazard is quite famous and your messiness has hardly, if ever, revealed itself to others. :-pfun tag. i already have 2 tags pending. :-(but will take this one up for sure.


  8. TaniaAh, I see my mention of jalapenos and olives has evoked quite a few reactions! :PNo no, metal and rock are separate. Metal’s too heavy for me. Hehehe…Yeah, I’ve made the darn lizard popular. Ugh!And my cleanliness is a little overrated but it’s fun (cleanliness, not the overrated-ness :P).Actually, the overrated-ness is fun too. Oho!! They’re both fun!I’m waiting for the tag on your blog. 🙂


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