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12 thoughts on “Following The Tag Mobile”

  1. Oh, there’s SO much to write!I loved this tag! Wanna do it right now, but I guess I’ll have to wait till after the 24th. :-/Q: Is number 8 pretty?Sure. He’s got modeling offers. No kidding. 😛Lmao!! 😀She had a halo ‘coz she was my first ray of hope for survival in college!!So true, and not just for you. 🙂I’d change their balls.Do they even have any?Ah, great post! Can’t wait to do it myself.


  2. Great post! 🙂 I love this tag, wanna do it right away… but y’know what, it’ll just be a lot of repeats then. Hmm I think I’ll juggle the categories or the numbers… or something. Let’s see if it can be worked out.Anyway, picking out my favourite bits now!Sure. He’s got modeling offers.She had a halo ‘coz she was my first ray of hope for survival in college!!She’s a kind woman.I’d kill before doing that because I’m certain that they won’t learn manners with that money.Well, so basically you dedicated this post to your Customer Care people!! Despite the weirdos they have there. You are generous.And thanks for all the praise, that sounded good :DFigured out something odd though. If people are to be numbered in the order of the given categories, then obviously #1 will be a family member. Bit odd to ask if they’ve met your mum, then. Guess whoever made these Qs wanted it to be funny and spew answers like yours or Ishani’s.Nice tag!! I’ll tinker around a bit with it (if it’s not too much trouble) and then do it :)Loved the post! 🙂


  3. Out with the tag so soon? Wow, you’re fast! Go girl!You’re really mad with yout Customer Care people aren’t you?!?! :)Wow, you got treated so majorly by 9!LMAO at ‘she’s a kind woman’ and ‘No wonder he hated me!’Yeah, no change!Awesome awesome! Funny funny! :)Though I think Ami’s right, tinkering a bit with the categories might do wonders for this tag!


  4. JayantYou first! :DBut he had the offers. :PThe halo needs to be mentioned *somewhere else* then. Right? :)Yes they have balls to say the kind of things they said to me. I even lodged a formal complaint against one.Do it jaldi se!!AmiyaYeah, maybe it will need some tinkering. And pretty much means that you won’t take it up. :PDon’t say that I dedicated it to them. Bloody! :-/And yeah, I realised the same thing about that question. :)Thanks.Will you do it. 🙂IshaniTold you that I was itching to do it just as soon as I read yours, didn’t I? :DYes, I’m very very mad at them.9’s going away. :(:)Thanku thanku! 😀


  5. Woodsmoke, Rohit & DKI guess that was bound to happen if you didn’t know the people I have written about. But I thoroughly enjoyed doing the tag and I appreciate your comments. :)DK, I’m laughing my ass off. 😀


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