11 thoughts on “It’s The Latest Addiction”

  1. Thanks Akash. :-)And no, it’s not something that I always liked. This tells me that you were completely oblivious to the pain that I used to go through at each ODM ‘coz you guys discussed nothing but photography. But now it’s all cool. We can talk! 😀


  2. Excellent photographs!!:-D The “Ys and Vs” idea was great. You’ll soon beat Rohit,Deeps and Subhadip Da and become the best photographer of our group. Best of Luck!


  3. so now can we meet and dicuss fotography always :Dlets do it over tea at cha bar on 20th :Dkiu akash sahi kaha na :Di liked the first one….its really nice


  4. AmiyaThaaaaaanks!! 😀TaniaThanks! :-)And yes, even if not technically, exams ARE over! Yay!!! SinjiniYou’re my person of the day! :DAre the concerned people reading??Thanks a ton!DKErm…over tea at Cha Bar is all right, but always? :OI’m so glad you liked the pic though. 🙂


  5. First picture is really nice. Exams, did you say? I had my last exam on Saturday..and well, it was not an exam really – just a presentation. And that time all of you were probably studying. Ha!Got another one on 24th, isn’t it? 😛


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