12 thoughts on “Rockers!”

  1. Congrats to both T and Ami! I can so imagine the stupid grin on your face — I had one myself! :DReally, this is awesome! but, not surprising. Although, Amiya tries to build as much suspense as she possibly can, what with all the cribbing about how many errors she made. 😛 But we know what’s bad for her, is generally damn good for the rest. 🙂 Congrats once again guys! Looking forward to a grand treat now! 😀


  2. Who is T? I congratulated Amiya a while ago. But can I tell you something?It annoyed me like nothing on earth when colleagues took private calls sitting or walking near me while I was doing something worthwhile or otherwise. My rule of thumb always was to take phone calls outside or in conference rooms or whatever but not in front of colleagues, unless of course it was an emergency or I knew that the call was going to be short.But let me not be instructing you on your office protocol and chemistry. You obviously know the equation there the best.


  3. B.Thanks! 🙂JayantI know exactly what you mean. :)And yes, big treat now. 😀TaniaThanks (for myself and on their behalf). 🙂DKYeah, really awesome! 🙂Subhadip😀WoodsmokeT is my friend Tarun.Like I said, it was a no-work day. It was a hotel corridor that I was referring to. I do understand professional behaviour a little now, so don’t do this in office.


  4. Hey thanks for this post, and THANKS all you guys!! Richa, Rohit, Jay – you guys really made me smile a mile!! THANK YOU.:)And congrats on the 100th post! I can remember similar milestones on VT, hoping for the same on Fuchsia.


  5. RohitYeah, 100 already!Yes, she’s completely awesome, and the smartest woman I know. 🙂AmiyaYou’re welcome? :DMmuuaah!VT went a real long way. Let’s see how far this one goes.


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