10 thoughts on “1-2-7”

  1. B.Kyun bhai?IshaniπŸ˜€EUNot a problem.Oh really? Chalo theek hai, next time I shall announce it with all the garv. πŸ˜€DKHaina?!! Samjhana padta hai, I bat with the right and bowl with the left, I eat with the left and write with the right. Piroblem hai! πŸ™‚


  2. AmiyaYep, another list! :)Yes, 7 is very true. Tu kabhi ghar aa ke reh mere saath. When Saumya stayed over for Holi, she kept saying that I am not clean at all. Of course, at all toh exaggeration ho gaya but yeah, I can be dirty too. :DIt just generally was difficult. I don’t exactly know why…


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