8 thoughts on “@#$%^&!”

  1. Catching this bit last night on news was hilarious. I wish things would change in this country. I wonder why they start comparing our situation with other countries while completely forgetting the other factors. Poor dogs. Perhaps there would be a dharna again. But for good this time, perhaps.


  2. THANK YOU! I was so angry when I saw that f***** up a**hole spewing that shit on TV last night that I didn’t know how to react! You’ve got it down pretty well though.Yeah, sure, power’s never been a problem with our country, neither has proper sanitation, or even safe drinking water for that matter. Fierce, rabid dogs haunting our neighbourhoods are the only civic nuisance we’re left with. Go ahead, kill them. Be as possibly cruel as you can. Make dog stew if you please. And then pls, do us another favour — go kill yourself, you fuckin’ shithead!


  3. This was a good post. Thank you for writing this. When I read this news on CNN-IBN two days ago, I was speechless with shock. How dare they even contemplate a move like this? How could they? This is taking mercilessness to a whole new level.


  4. This post was needed. Maybe I will go kill that stinking moron when I go to Bombay this time. Wade through the gutter water spilling over on the city’s streets, then go shoot him. Yes, sounds good.


  5. Fuck man! Just fuck these bastards. Why don’t people have ANY sense? It is just so frustrating to see people behave in such bizarre ways.Where has all the common sense gone?


  6. Hmmm….problem indeed. Just one question…how many of us flush all the garbage down a toilet…especially women if you know what I mean?How many of us actually care that the garbage that is picked up from our houses is taken to the dumpster of the community where the MCD or the BMC in this regard can properly dispose of it?How many of us do not throw polybags on the street worrying they would be driven down to the sewer after rain?How many of us pledge to go with a single child for the country most certainly can not go on exploding like our population! How many of us do our duty as a citizen and go to cast their vote?How many of us?I can’t answer the above questions but I know the answer of how many of us raise the finger to the government bodies…ALL!!!


  7. I think I have nothing to say to anyone except Kanu here, so replying only to her comment.Kanu, it is not about all the citizens being cynical about the government. The case in point here is a man who holds a responsible position somewhere in the system. It is not about one of the many random problems that we as a society face. And this very fact is what should be understood by the BMC here too. Those dogs are living beings. People fight for capital punishment like crazy, I say these dogs are not even committing a crime so why should they be killed? It is someone’s right to live. Just because it is animals, killing is a solution? Nobody has ever come up with any policy sounding as ridiculous to kill those men who tease women on the streets of Delhi and other cities. I think they are a bigger nuisance. But nobody would even dare to suggest something like that. Why? Only because they are humans and it would not be the right procedure to take care of the situation. Similarly, those dogs deserve some respectful treatment!And no man, I don’t throw polybags on the streets!


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