14 thoughts on “Wonderland”

  1. Before I comment on the post…what does the tag “I love Bullets” have to do with this? Or is it another of those random things?Congrats for completion of one month…so how was it having your first salary…kya kiya?


  2. Congrats on one month :)The official ID is VERY impressive. All those “this transmission contains information that may be confidential” and “you may not disclose its contents to anyone else” bits…. wohoww!!(Yeah, dug up that mail and copied that)Keyfob sounds cool too.And this list cannot be in the order of preference, or “super clean office” would not be so far down the list.Wish it was louder though, the workplace. Sounded a li’l scary the way you described the reaction of your colleagues to loudness!Good luck for all the coming months too πŸ™‚


  3. RohitYeah, I’m still not over it. I think it’s really pretty. :DAnd hey, thanks! πŸ™‚DKYeah! πŸ™‚SubhadipThanks! I was waiting for your comment. πŸ™‚B.That tag is for the posts in which I make bullet points. It can be any random list, not any random thing. :DThanks hai! First salary thodi spend kar li, kaafi aur karni hai. πŸ˜€AmiyaThaaaanks!!I was thinking – I remember she found that message impressive but man she remembers the whole thing! Good you clarified. :DYeah, keyfob is kinda cool.Lmao@the cleanliness thing. My first reaction to that was a firm nod of the head. So you hit bull’s eye with that one.Don’t worry, all the new people are definitely going to change this office’s ways soon. It is impossible to keep us quiet.And thanks so much, baby! πŸ™‚TaniaYou pointed out the right things! ;)Thanks.


  4. A dress code to follow? An hour-to-hour tracking of work done? Doesn’t sound too amusing to me?On the other hand, a debit card with your name and getting a ride to office do. :PWhat’s a keyfob?


  5. @ JayantI know, bud, what you mean. I had shot a confused look when I heard this sometime back. Just one of those fancy names for key chains. Nothing exciting, I assure you. X-D


  6. EUI like that element of firangs. I spend most part of my day in that place and cleanliness is something that I would like to take for granted!Taken! But he’s not firang man! He’s very Indian and very very hot! Damn!Yep, having fun. πŸ™‚JayantAmusing, not in the fun way yaar!!Keyfob is this little secure password generator kinda thing which I can use to access office files from home.Not quite a key chain. πŸ˜€SinjiniThank you! πŸ™‚B.Soon! πŸ™‚


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