Time Tales

For some reason, it feels like eternity since I wrote a random post here. Not that there is any dearth of such posts on this blog, and not even as if I have a very happening life right now that I’d write about my day and it would make for a good read, but I … Continue reading Time Tales


I saw this in a school recently. There was something odd about the statement that struck me then and I have been wondering ever since what it is really supposed to mean. A half-conclusion that a friend and I reached upon was that in case of something negative, it is better for a child to … Continue reading Wondering….


I have completed one month in the new world and I am still exploring. Everything is fancy, and I can enjoy it subject to the condition of hard work and high level of discipline. Erm…doesn’t sound too bad. Let us just make it a little bad: …subject to the orders of a firang management! Ah, … Continue reading Wonderland

Rise and Fall

I had mentioned a pretty sunset in my post about Thursday. Friday’s sunset was equally incredible. Maybe more because it was in a completely different and contrasting place that I viewed it from but I was really completely lost when I saw it.So, while Thursday’s was in a village & farms setting, viewed from a … Continue reading Rise and Fall

Back To The Basics

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘religious’ as being devoted to a religion. And ‘spiritual’ as being religious among other things. Orkut gives you the option ‘spiritual, not religious’ in your profile. Apparently, I have been thinking. I do not have enough knowledge of my religion to even think that I could be religious if it means … Continue reading Back To The Basics