Time Tales

5 thoughts on “Time Tales”

  1. Living in the past or with it can’t and isn’t all that bad. I hope you’d agree. It’s tough to just forget or let go. That’s why memories stay. Some for good, some just like that. Be good. Best for exams.


  2. *Hmm…Thanks. You too. 🙂B. O’HemianI don’t know if I emerged wiser, but the dip was certainly nice. Better than expected.ShreyaThank you thank you. :DHow can I tell you what to write? Kuch bhi likh yaar… college ke baare mein, friends ke baare mein, things that make you happy, things that keep you busy, Dramsoc, teachers, memories….kuch bhi likh!! Hope to see another new post soon. 🙂RohitI think the differentiating factor between living in the past and living with it is that the first one makes one pretty miserable, whereas the second one is what makes one human. I agree, it is very hard to let go. And according to me, it is impossible to forget. Unless you’re talking of a very long time lag. That’s why memories stay. Some for good, some just like that. Totally!Thanks. 🙂


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