10 Years of Fuchsia

Fuchsia completes ten years this month. It has been a special companion over the years. It has given me memorable moments and unique friendships and been the best mirror I could have to reflect and right-size my perspective on various things.  A decade is a long time if, like me, you enjoy reflecting on the … Continue reading 10 Years of Fuchsia

Renewed Life

For as long as I remember, I always pose for pictures with flowers on my birthday. Everyone around me knows that flowers make me happy, and I always have at least one or two people who send me flowers every September. This year I didn’t get a bunch of flowers. I got a floral arrangement … Continue reading Renewed Life

Sixth Birthday

While I was away in Rajasthan, my blog quietly completed six years of its awesome being. I can never quantify the splendidness of this space and what it means to me, but here I am trying to put together six highlights of this entire time with a list of six of my most loyal followers, … Continue reading Sixth Birthday

Turning 26

This post is here not because I have some thoughts I want to register, but because I want to have some registered thoughts for this time.  This year I am prepared for birthday blues. I think that’s why I have been relatively more in control this time. Or am I speaking too soon? Will know … Continue reading Turning 26

A Review

My 25 things-to-do list from last birthday… 1. Of course, get that job! – Check! I think I am in the right place. 2. Get the knee fixed – Check! We’re almost fixed.  3. Visit the Taj Mahal – Check!  4. Make one long trip to the Himalayas – Check! It was brilliant!! 5. Make … Continue reading A Review