Sixth Birthday

13 thoughts on “Sixth Birthday”

  1. 6 years! Happy Birthday to Fuchsia – big sister to mine and always such a great read. Opportune moment to thank you and Fuchsia again for introducing me to this beautiful way of sharing, storing memories. Sometimes when I feel friend-sick and think of you, I go back to your old posts – from when I didn't even know you, and there's so many news things I discover :)Mabrook, Bhardwaj. (Arabic for congratulations) 😀


  2. 🙂 Your comment brought a big smile to my face. But I wonder what these new things you keep discovering are. :)Arabic mein thanks kaise bolte hain?


  3. I'm glad it did. I was smiling writing it. What a happy bunch we are!These things I discover are little things. Maybe one day in some conversation, I will talk to you about the U special. Or the fact that Kunal Kapoor is hot. Then you'll know I've been reading :)Arabic me thank you is “Shukran”


  4. Happy Birthday!! 🙂 You have nurtured this space beautifully! You know I love it and it is one of the two blogs I visit when I feel like reading awesome! Keep it going.. it means a lot to a lot of people, at least to me! 🙂 🙂


  5. Priyam,Hayee….thanks! :DNamrata,That is so sweet of you to say. Thanks a lot. I do plan to keep it going :)Skeets!! Been really long! Thanks for visiting. 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday to Fuchsiafunny! And the fight with MEOW FM… they should write about it in TOI!I am delighted to be in the most loyal list (though it took me more than a month to read this!). I am glad that you still write. Nostalgic the good times when we all wrote blogs, and played “Me First” while commenting… I made so many good friends through them! Carry on writing 🙂


  7. Hahaa…yes, I agree that the fight could have been pitched to TOI. :PI almost reconsidered having put your name there because you didn't respond for so long. So, this comment means more. :)”Me First” feels like it was a different era altogether. Those were good times. I will keep writing, you keep visiting.


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