10 Years of Fuchsia

Fuchsia completes ten years this month. It has been a special companion over the years. It has given me memorable moments and unique friendships and been the best mirror I could have to reflect and right-size my perspective on various things.  A decade is a long time if, like me, you enjoy reflecting on the … Continue reading 10 Years of Fuchsia

Sixth Birthday

While I was away in Rajasthan, my blog quietly completed six years of its awesome being. I can never quantify the splendidness of this space and what it means to me, but here I am trying to put together six highlights of this entire time with a list of six of my most loyal followers, … Continue reading Sixth Birthday


I got my first fuchsia wallet when I was in first year of college. It got stolen in third year, I think. I got my second fuchsia wallet a few months later, and I lost it in December last year. And now I have the thirrrd one! It’s smaller than the last two, but it’s … Continue reading Fuchsiaa!

Four Years Later

After much contemplation, I went to Pune this past weekend for my convocation ceremony. And well, I did everything except get the degree. Don’t ask why. It should suffice to know that systems fail in a lot of places. I flew via Bombay and experienced the city at leisure for the first time. Had always … Continue reading Four Years Later

Dot of Happiness

I love my blog. I love me. I love the world. I love travelling. I love my blog. I love my past. I love (I know I will) the future. I love music. I love dancing. I love my blog. I love photography. I love winters. I love beaches. I love colours. I love my … Continue reading Dot of Happiness