10 Years of Fuchsia

5 thoughts on “10 Years of Fuchsia”

  1. As you can tell, despite all the love, Fuchsia does get quite ignored now. It's taken me a month to notice your comment, but thank you for coming back. I really appreciate it 🙂


  2. This post is even more lovely than I expected it to be when I first received your email. Even in just a sentence, you have managed to describe me better than I have ever been able to. Thank you, for not letting go. Aur likhiye, RB ♥PS: I cannot believe that RA still finds the spelling of fuchsia difficult, after my explicit explanations :p


  3. 10 years, RB! Take a bow. Seriously. So many of us started on this journey with you but most of us fell by the wayside while you kept on going and writing – that is amazing. I understand what you say about being embarrassed by older posts and feeling like making them private. I'm not sure what I'd have done – although, knowing myself, I suspect I might've buckled. So that's another thing you take a bow for. :)Here's to many more decades of Fuschia, and I hope you're able to get down to writing as much and as often as you want to.


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