Achhi Baat Hai

5 thoughts on “Achhi Baat Hai”

  1. Oooh, I love this!First I must say that the picture of the Rajasthani man lookingout the window is stunning.Sleeping under the stars is so surreal. I keep receiving these emailers for desert camps here – think I'll finally try one.And there's a Ristorante Italiano! Haha :)There's so much I want to say – but I think I'll do most of that in person. Also, you girls' have hair looking like divas. In the desert, I don't know how you managed that!


  2. 😀 That man sitting there was asking to be clicked. Oh, you should totally go for it. It's so close and convenient for you. Next weekend pe karo!Bhai, wahan German Bakery and Free Tibet restaurant(s) bhi they. Kuch zyada hi cosmo hai Jaisalmer.In person? Usko toh abhi six weeks hain. :(The hair felt dirty but looked good. It's only coastal cities that make hair look like shit. Sookhe mein kya problem hai.


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