I am planning to go for a trek soon. It is a conversation I initiated with friends. It is on a route which is supposed to be easy to moderate for trekking. And it is at a time when I’d rather be out than be in Delhi.  I toss between planning next steps and chickening … Continue reading Possibly

Achhi Baat Hai

A road trip in Rajasthan, in winters, had been on my mind ever since I started travelling independently. It took a while, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easily this trip worked out. I didn’t see any reason in letting earned leaves lapse, and so I decided to take off in the first week … Continue reading Achhi Baat Hai

Prison Break

This campus is becoming crazier with rules with each passing day. And if I have started feeling suffocated, I cannot imagine what people who do not believe in following rules must feel like. So, this post is about the little time I spent out of the jail-like environment recently. I guess I should cut out … Continue reading Prison Break