Back To The Basics

9 thoughts on “Back To The Basics”

  1. What kind of havana are you sitting through these days? Which Veda, which mantras? And there are few things in the world that sound that melodious…so I agree with bits and pieces of what you are conveying.


  2. WoodsmokeUmmm….Mati passed away last week so we’re having a havan everyday at our place. I don’t know which Veda but mostly havan mantras and related stuff. And yeah, they are quite melodious. I wonder why people make bhajans out of Hindi film tunes. They sound so yuck!


  3. I don’t know the whole religious/spiritual deal.. I just know that going to a Gurudwara once in a while or just being alone at times makes me feel connected. A havana usually means getting up early and sitting through the whole thing – plus the mantras don’t make sense. (the language nothing else.) I’m convinced and happy about the beliefs I have.


  4. I believe spiritual means believing in some god, but connecting to that god outside of religion and religious rites & rituals (and I’m alliterating). Hence the ‘spiritual but not religious’ option. But you say ‘spiritual’ is defined as being other things besides being religious? That’s strange…And yes, if you feel close to god, if you think you know what god wants you to understand… that does make you spiritual. Being religious, I think, is as much a matter of ‘timing’ (bad word though) as anything else. At certain times the peace you get from rituals makes you seek more of them. Sometimes when you’re going through a bad phase, the courage you derive from prayer makes you feel more religious than ever. Circumstances matter, so does the state of mind… I’ve felt deeply religious at some points of my life, though now ‘religious’ is not a word I would at ALL associate with myself.Okay I started rambling and got lost, dunno what point I was trying to make! Maybe just to emphasise my thinking that turning to rituals (praying, fasting etc) usually always comes either from habit/tradition or from quite selfish (don’t mean this in a bad way, just looking at it objectively) reasons like some want/need: need for comfort, need for strength, want for… peace of mind, even trivial things like good marks.Spirituality is above all that – above social conditioning, traditional hand-downs, wants/needs. People who are spiritual are always (mean this in the sense of continuity, not phases) spiritual… they’ll talk to god, complain, think, meditate… not necessarily seeking anything in return which is something I personally see rituals as being primarily concerned with – wanting something in return.


  5. RohitI understand that feeling connected thing you’re talking about. Have experienced it. AmiyaA big hmmmm for ALL that you have written coz I agree with whatever you’ve written. And can relate to almost all of it. As per your definition or explanation or whatever of it, I guess I’m both. Religious, like you said, depending on circumstances and spiritual coz I talk to Him. :-)And of course, a little more than talk.JayantOh yes!


  6. I was smiling…thats all I want to say. And yes I miss bio too…but then Chemistry was too much to handle indeed. Nirvana….thats a nice thought though…


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