Kid No More (?)

12 thoughts on “Kid No More (?)”

  1. Hmm…there’s both a plus side as well as a downside to being the younger child, but I think it’s definitely better than being the elder child. Well, at least, that’s what I feel.


  2. Oh man, it sucks to grow up..isn’t it?But really, I’m looking forward to it now. I’ve had enough of being dependent on my folks. I think being responsible and managing our own finances would be a great deal of learning. What the hell, everyone grows up the same! Another month to go! YAY.


  3. Yep great balance… :)I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. As kids we always wanna grow up until ofcourse we do. And here you get the best of both the worlds!


  4. Woodsmoke and AmiyaHmmm. I guess.JayantI don’t know what it is like being the elder child. But yeah, maybe being younger is fine. 😀Rohit:-)Don’t want to say it sucks coz I can’t do anything about it. But yea, definitely not the most exciting thing!SinjiniSo that’s nice!! :)I’d say enjoy being a kid as much as you can.BhaskarI guess…


  5. hmm…being the youngest in my family…im pretty much in the same situation….n yet i dislike the downsides of both being a kid, n being treated like an adult. i dont want too much respnsibility, and yet i want to be taken seriously. stupid of me to expect best of both the worlds!!as for jayants comment…im sure being the elder siblings has its advantages as well…god knows my sis njoyd bossing me around n acting all “elderly”!!!


  6. if u think u have no responsibilities then how do u expect folks at ur place to take u as someone who is old enough at home……….just think over it…..btw every1 has responsibilities at home even a school going kid…….


  7. ShreyaHmm. Not stupid…just natural. 🙂DKWhen did I say that I want my folks to take me as someone who is old enough for anything? I am the kid of my house chronologically. And I like it. Also, I was not talking about the kind of responsibilities that you have mentioned. What I meant was that I have no chalked out chores, I have no given responsibility for anything. I am only responsible for being myself…as a sister and as a daughter.


  8. @ Shreya: Dunno if you’ll read this or not, but, don’t you think as an elder child you’re forced to grow up even sooner? I’ve seen that happen to my brother. Although, as you said, he did get his fair share of being the “Big Brother” by bossing me around, but I still think it I was better off being the younger one. And as for my family members not paying heed to what I say, I think that phase for me is also sort of over. So, I think I eneded up with the best of both the worlds.


  9. @ Jayant – I guess thts true…but also in my case theres such a huge age gap bw me n my sis…tht she actually grew up at the rite time!!but ya…i do njoy being the younger one…there r, after all, loads of advantages!!


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