En Route To Balance…

For the last three days I’ve been blanking out every time I get down to writing. There has been so much happening that I could use some ‘venting out’ but doesn’t work nowadays.I feel this confirms that I am becoming stronger, detached and more independent. I know I am. I am more in control of … Continue reading En Route To Balance…

It’s a fair game

“Life is not fair” A lot of people believe so. I don’t. I think life is the fairest game. Yes, its timing of moves may not be the best or the fairest but that does not mean that there is no fairness. What I believe even more strongly in is that there is no after-life. … Continue reading It’s a fair game

Time Pass

I am Vikram Khare. 23 years old, working, and living with my family. I am an ordinary guy insofar as I need and have friends, have ambitions, and try to live life happily. I think I am different from a lot of people because I get let down often since I always find people who … Continue reading Time Pass

How Does It Work?

I have always maintained that any sort of behaviour from a person is primarily because of what he or she is as an individual and not because he belongs to or is a part of a particular community. And I have always defended this stand too because I truly believe in it.But something that I … Continue reading How Does It Work?