It’s a fair game

6 thoughts on “It’s a fair game”

  1. DKhmm. Now the sentence sounds a little odd. But what I meant was that the person does have some qualities that I may consider good but he is also doing things that I think are wrong. And he is aware of both but not accepting it.


  2. At least to me, the post made a lot of sense. I understood every word of it and could relate to it. I agree that people pay for what they do, and that life balances everything, but at times, it is just not fair. It’s not. I could give examples, but not here.


  3. I didn’t understand much of this post but that’s probably because it’s a cold, Monday morning, and from where I am sitting all I can see are snow covered fields and ice laden trees. Hope all is ok.


  4. SwetankI know you understood. I think it helps at some level. Thanks.And I guess we have our opinions about the fairness. 🙂WoodsmokeSnow! It rained here today which pretty much means that whatever little winters we had have gone for good. The temperature touched 30 degrees today.All is kinda ok.


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