Time Pass

11 thoughts on “Time Pass”

  1. AmiyaI don’t know what should or will follow. Why don’t you write the continuation? It will be SO cool.SubhadipHmmm…I don’t really know him. I just met him once.DKWhat happened? 🙂KanuI was bored so I created Vikram Khare and invited him to write. Ok? 🙂


  2. hmmm…Oh….ok…some ghosts just came rushing out of my closet here….now i will read it again and perhaps comment on it…:)))Why Vikram Khare??? ne specific reason for the choice of name?


  3. KanuWhy Vikram Khare? Ummm….I’m quite fond of the name Vikram. So that was the first name that came to my mind while writing. And Khare because I knew that I did not want to write Sharma, Gupta, Malhotra, etc,etc. So the first surname after all those came here as well. 🙂


  4. How did I manage to skip this post of yours? Very interesting. While I was reading it, I felt the guy had a very childish attitude towards things by the tone and in the way he’s trying to reason out everything. Awesome!And I absolutely LOVE the way he says I understod her and then goes all me, me and me. It does read like someone’s first journal, where he’s self conscious, justificatory yet trying to bring in that element of being casual by talking about getting drunk, cute girls and dirty jokes. I love the ambivalence of it.I don’t know if this post called for such an analysis but it really gripped me when I was reading it, and I do hope you’ll continue it. It is yours and only you should give us a peek into his character.


  5. SwetankWow! That was quite an analysis! I love the way you’ve dissected this guy. Frankly, I just wrote whatever came to my mind. I just had a vague picture of him in my head. You seem to understand him the way I’d not even thought.The thought of continuing this is good but I don’t know how to go about it. But maybe I will let him write more someday. 🙂


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