Delhi and Me

7 thoughts on “Delhi and Me”

  1. Delhi is very huge lady and every part has its own character….i m sure u havent seen lot of other areas also…..try to explore it a lil………and i guess u need to work a lil on on ur stamina…..two flight of stairs shud be easy for people of ur age…….SRK is alright ofcourse not like Big B…..but he has his own style…..he is not that bad, as some people are making it out…


  2. DKI agree that I can work on my stamina a little but 100 steps kam bhi nahi hote.Yeah…I’m sure I haven’t seen a lor of places. Dheere dheere…I agree, SRK isn’t that bad. He does have his own style.Tag Heuer ka brand ambassador hai aur kal ek contestant ko apni watch de di…it was really really sweet. 🙂


  3. I’m waiting for a miracle – SRK to be kicked out of the show! 😀 I HATE that guy. Plus, he doesn’t frikkin know how to host a show :-/It’s not a question of comparing him with Mr Bachchan. Wish he could go to Africa and never come back to Bollywood. 😛


  4. Can you imagine what a torture it is to sit here and read this discussion about my dearest SRK and not get an iota of idea about what he really looks like on the show? Or how he conducts it? It makes me incredibly sad. 😦


  5. RohitOh that’s a strong sentiment. I personally don’t think he’s that bad.WoodsmokeAww…I can imagine. No clips on the internet?You know, yesterday a dumb woman proposed marriage to him. Said a lot of dumb things. These people I tell you!I’ve also heard that the show’s TRPs have been falling every day. So I guess there are a lot of people who’re not liking him. I’ll see if I can help you catch a glimpse of it. okie? 🙂


  6. Oh yeah!! The TRPs are superbly fucked. I wish the show dies…I don’t really care if the sponsors/ producers/ well-whoever loses what. SRK should not think he can be his usual dumb self and get away with it on a national network! Sheesh…why why why was he even approached..and that video.. *yikes*


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