Fears vs Serenity vs Joy

10 thoughts on “Fears vs Serenity vs Joy”

  1. Hmm….Well it is definitely good writing and great thinking. But i know what you mean. The sub concious plays a very strange rold in our lives. We never really understand yet it is all us…Now I am confused….


  2. Good that you are thinking – in the process, you may be confused, you may repent, you may not like many things, but you will surely become a better person. Keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Swetank:-)Yep, YF!KanuThanks. And yes, I totally agree with what you say about the sub conscious. But why are you confused?SubhadipThanks so much. In the process you know what else happened? I realised that that flow is missing in this post. :-)And I couldn’t help it.DKhhehee…maybe….


  4. SinjiniIt’s perfectly all right if you are confused because this was a spontaneous post without a purpose. I wrote because I felt like writing. 2-3 months down the line even I wouldn’t know what I was thinking while writing this. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Don’t we all go through such moments of confusion and wonder? But writing it down must have helped. I wish I do this exercise more often, and don’t go around feeling like a frustrated headless chicken.


  6. WoodsmokeFrustrated headless chicken…hmm…I’m using your method of picturing…quite funny. :-)On a serious note, I totally agree with you. It helps. Likh liya karo yaar. RohitThat it is.


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