I want to be rich

Two uber hot bags at Kudos today. One of them the happiest form of green. It was a degree hotter than what your imagination tells you. The other is what was gifted to me. I wanted both. BOTH!!Someday I shall buy the functional AND the fashionable things together. Store the gyaan for some other post, … Continue reading I want to be rich

Dhishoom! :D

A new, asshol(e)ic instructor at the gym kept bugging me throughout my workout yesterday. I felt like punching him every time he came to check how many calories I was burning. Receiving trash for burning 105 instead of 120 calories, or being compared to an almost body-builder are not things that I can take. Whatever … Continue reading Dhishoom! 😀

Stretch Marks

I don’t like all the layers of tan on my arms. I don’t like having people around me for 16 hours a day. But I think it is for my own good. I don’t like the fact that I have a fucked-up back. I cannot wake up even 15 minutes earlier than usual for my … Continue reading Stretch Marks

Feeling Light

After four days of some heavy-duty going out/eating out my stomach started with its usual cribbing and grounded me for the next three days. So complete fun to complete rest, did it all in a week! Apart from eating things that I probably shouldn’t have, I invested time in pleasing my oldies and my dentist, … Continue reading Feeling Light


This might be boring. I am bored. People are boring me. Life’s become boring. This stupid word keeps making a comeback. You see, I am boring you too. There is nothing new that I am doing/ did/ bought/ said/ thought/ tried/ blah and blah. What I did do today was spend a whopping 200 bucks … Continue reading B-O-R-E-D