Double Random Yay!

Yes yes…I know that you’ve noticed the change, but I shall still pronounce it. I’ve got a GREEN template!! Yay!!!! And my dearest cutu Amiya, the creator of the college group on Facebook has made me an officer there and now I am called The Chronicler. Now isn’t that powerful AND fancy? It’s a different … Continue reading Double Random Yay!

Puppets and Paupers

Economics is back on the table! Not that it could or would have gone anywhere far yet…but yes, I am officially back to the grind. I wish somebody gave me an official datesheet too so that I could start planning stuff. It has been delayed enough! So, with the subject coming back, day-dreaming is back … Continue reading Puppets and Paupers

At Home…

I have been home for the last five days and I’ve spent time so uselessly after a really long time. At times it feels good to not do anything at all. Although there is always that pestering in the head to open some books! Even so. Two of my friends’ brothers got married yesterday. And … Continue reading At Home…

Delhi and Me

In my now usual course of getting late because of laziness in the morning, today I completely forgot that the Republic Day Parade rehearsals begin at 9:15 a.m. That means that bus routes get diverted and for people like me it means that we’re gonna reach college even later.My bus dropped me quite a distance … Continue reading Delhi and Me