Puppets and Paupers

8 thoughts on “Puppets and Paupers”

  1. Hahahaa..All the best with your finals.. And this way, if I start putting song titles to my posts, I dont think any post would ever have a sensible one! Like right now I’d possibly make a post with a title something like ‘Artificial Smile’..!But yeah, I love Puppets and Paupers too. Specially the part where Sarab goes ‘Much too late.. much too soon’.. Mann..


  2. Rohit Talwar should get paid by Menwhopause. Like officially, everyday. (That would also ease the pressure on me who is constantly being reminded by him that I will eventually have to adopt him.)


  3. I had planned to listen to the songs from Menwhopause today. But, I couldn’t, thanks to the Bangla Bandh called here today. My parents had to attend office inspite of the bandh and I was worried all day coz Kolkata was not at all at peace today.But, I’ll surely listen to them very soon.:-) And, Best of Luck with your finals. You’ll surely do well. Just don’t worry.


  4. Well the exams are starting sooooo late, it’s given me another excuse to postpone my study plans. You can afford to dream too, without feeling guilty :)And R made me download the album too, am loving the songs 🙂


  5. RohitHey…thanks!And yes, I can imagine what your blog titles would be like then. But why on earth Artificial Smile? I don’t like the idea of that. your “:|” would be better.And yes, Puppets n Paupers is coooool. :DThanks for the music again.DKHehehee…Hmmm…doesn’t sound too bad.KanuYes, interesting it is. 🙂Woodsmokehahaa…Sounds good!And in case they do, lemme know too. Am in serious need of some cash.SinjiniOh! I hope all’s cool now.But yeah, do listen to them. And thaaanks. I’ll need all these wishes this time.AmiyaOye are you sure that that datesheet is final? Coz if it is, I’ll be a little cool too. It’s a different case that I’m not studying abhi either. But that’s coz of the scene at home. Really need to get down to some studying ya…And I’m really glad he made me listen to the songs too. 🙂


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