Nature Camp

I am little pissed at the current situation because there was a lot that I had to write in the past couple of days but bad connectivity and mismanagement of time led to… you know what. I went trekking with two of my friends this past Sunday. Everybody around us had been going on treks … Continue reading Nature Camp

Festive Moods

I had been wondering why I couldn’t feel the Diwali air around me. How I didn’t even realise that my favourite festival was so close. The deal is that there is a mismatch between the weather and the festive days this time. The weather that Delhi usually sees around Diwali came and went in the … Continue reading Festive Moods

Puppets and Paupers

Economics is back on the table! Not that it could or would have gone anywhere far yet…but yes, I am officially back to the grind. I wish somebody gave me an official datesheet too so that I could start planning stuff. It has been delayed enough! So, with the subject coming back, day-dreaming is back … Continue reading Puppets and Paupers