Comfort Discomfort Together Together

6 thoughts on “Comfort Discomfort Together Together”

  1. Though not intentionally, but I feel like saying so much right now and I also feel like saying nothing at all, so that’s somehow keeping in sync with your post.I just hope your dadi gets well soon.Take care, and come online sometime. I feel like talking to you.


  2. If only rains were like what used to happen back in India, everything was fine for me….even I used to walk in rain during the middle of the day…But, if rain is followed by severe cold and then snow fall…Grrrrrrrrrrrr…..


  3. Swetank:-)I hope so too.Why do you sign in and go for a long walk?Arz000nDisadvantages of firang land! 😀Kanu:-)Yeah. But the Delhi summers make me wonder what I should enjoy in them. But still, I indirectly enjoy summers coz I get mangoes and watermelons. :DThanks…


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