Happy Day@Safdarjung’s Tomb

16 thoughts on “Happy Day@Safdarjung’s Tomb”

  1. Yeah, now you make a Flickr page too, so that I have more things to waste time on. Tujhe pata nahi hai ki main kitna busy insaan hoon, fir bhi aisa karti hai mere saath. You know I can’t resist it. I HAVE to see it.The pics are very nice. Though I’m no authority on photography (Rohit’ll vouch for that. In his words, “Dude! Your framing sucks!”, which is very true) I still think that these are very good, not just to look at but also from the technical aspect.Aur couples se irritate hone ki kya zaroorat hai. Just begin clicking their photos, aadhe to aise hi bhaag jayenge. Jo nahi bhaagenge, they’ll give you masala for your blog. 😀 😉


  2. SwetankAchha to mera Flickr page dekhna tere liye time waste hai?? Hmmm…sab samajh rahi hoon main.Thanks. Although I do think that there’s still a lot I need to learn about photography before I get them right from the technical aspect. NO!!! The couples WERE irritating. I even observed one of them kissing. Didn’t look good. Ab agar public mein kar rahe hain to kam se kam public entertain to ho. Haina? 😛WoodmsokeThank you. Saw and replied to your comment on Flickr too. 🙂RohitYeah…the weather is great.Thanks.SubhadipThanks. :-)Will do…DKThanking you. 😀


  3. Ooooooooooooooo…Pretty snaps :)I missed visiting this palce, when I was in Delhi….but I visited Taj Mahal and Jaipur one weekend :DThanks for sharing em with us.Cheers!!


  4. Arz000nThanks! :-)I have to see the Taj. When I went there I was really small and I don’t remember anything now. :(So you live in UK and are from India. Which part of India?KanuThanks. 🙂


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