Festive Moods

6 thoughts on “Festive Moods”

  1. mosquitoes to go climb a poleLol! I thought the phrase was going to be a little more explicit. :-)And those kaju barfis, I tellya! Initially I thought they were fruits, then I clicked on the picture and thought they were candles and then I read your post. What manipulation, man, these people. I tell you, one day this world will go to the dogs because of capitalism.Now the above statement made no sense whatsoever but I just felt like saying it. I guess the “being content” effect is rubbing off on me, and when it does, I am always reminded of the dialogue by Dharmendra in the movie Chupke Chupke – Saheb, jab dil ati prasann hota hai na, tab bahut bad bad karne ko dil karta hai.I live on the same principle. And you’re at the receiving end! Anyway, HAPPY DIWALI (can’t use colors in this window – DAMN!). Have loads of fun and go burst crackers that go high in the sky (not rockets though) and then spread out, trying to encompass the whole world in one big, colorful, cheerful embrace. :-)Take care & enjoy.


  2. HAPPY DIWALI!:-)Those sweets sure look tasty! I love sweets so much….specially kaju barfi!And Yeah, I am really proud of u for not smudging the mehandi.Mosquitoes here have already climbed the pole.:-DBtw, do u light crackers? I love them!


  3. DKYF after really long. :)Wish you the same!! Play nahi karte hum…just have loads of fun. 🙂WandererYes, HAPPY Diwali. 🙂SwetankHehee… I think it was implicitly very explicit. :DAnd LMAO! I wish I live to see that day. Even if it doesn’t make sense. :DVery apt quote there, though. And so amazingly true. :-)Best of wishes to you too! The visual effect of your words is nice, but I don’t burst any crackers or sparklers at all. Had fun, though.Cheers! 🙂WoodsmokeHappy diwali to you too. :-)Aap aa jao, will compensate for every festival that you’ve missed and every day that you’ve felt homesick.Muah! 🙂SinjiniHappy Diwali to you too! :-)Oh, I love kaju barfi too. :)Thanku thanku…I’m proud of myself too. :POh, they have? Lucky you! I think today’s pollution will just take the ones over here to their graves directly. And I wish it really does. They just didn’t seem to be in a mood to climb any pole. :DNo, I do not light crackers. But you have fun! 🙂


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